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We provide the right solutions for your tax issues and find the tax relief and/or help you need!  As an enrolled agent with over forty years of IRS experience, I know the difference between unrealistic promises and facts to resolve your tax issue.








S & B Tax Relief Service



We work with the IRS on the clients behalf to negotiate and resolve their tax debt, and/or their collection issue with the best possible outcome to our clients.

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A Notice of Levy is another method that the IRS may use to collect delinquent taxes.   The levy may attach to assets such as your wages, bank accounts, social security benefits , retirement income, and accounts receivables.


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 S & B Tax Relief Service




S & B Tax Relief Service | Sue Burton, Enrolled Agent | Tel. No. (936) 767-4011 |Cell No. (936) 520-0126 | P. O. Box 1729

Coldspring, Texas  77331